We’re Back! First Grade Update

Well, after a very long hiatus from blogging I have decided to try and get back in the habit. I especially want to be able to keep track of our journey through homeschooling for my own nostalgia and also as a nice way for Camden to look back on her schooling years.

Camden recently turned 7 years old (in December) and is in the 1st grade. Both last year and this year have been choppy and inconsistent with regards to homeschooling. Last year it was due to Camden’s prolonged illness and this year it is because of family circumstances. Nevertheless, we have found our groove again and Camden (and I) are both really beginning to enjoy homeschooling together.

We are currently using the following curriculum:

Language Arts: Phonics Road Level One

Math: Singapore Math 1B (U.S. Edition)

Logic: Mind Benders Grades 1-2

Science: Nancy Larson Science 2

History: Story of the World: Ancients (class at a private homeschool Co-op) plus we listen to the CD’s at home before bed sometimes

Chess: An introductory Chess class (homeschool co-op)

Science Class: a second hands on Science class (homeschool co-op)

Ballet Class: (homeschool co-op)

I will now post some pictures along with some details of what Camden is doing in each subject.

Math: Camden just recently finished a unit on graphs and is now working on unit 3 which is working with numbers to 40. This is mostly all review for her and so far does not seem to pose much of a challenge all though the previous units that we did on addition and subtraction in 1A have made it much easier for her to solve problems with a quicker speed. The biggest difference I’ve noticed in the last couple of weeks is that she is reversing her numbers a lot less often and her ability to write out her own answers and handwriting in general is getting easier for her. Before, she would tell me the answers and I would write them down for her otherwise the work would seem too overwhelming to her.

Language Arts: Camden’s improvement in Language Arts has been very impressive. I can’t sing enough praises about the Phonics Road program. It has been such an exceptional program for both her and I. I am learning just as much as she is and the method used has really helped her to understand not only how words are spelled but why and is thus helping her to approach unfamiliar words with more confidence. My favorite part is watching her apply the concepts she is learning in Phonics Road across the curriculum. She notices the rules we are learning and is becoming a great speller. She read her first paragraph this week from her Science curriculum.

Some of the concepts we have been working on over the last couple of weeks are: silent final “e”, two syllable words, base words do not end in “a” use “ay”, etc. I have also included a few pictures of her reading “He Bear, She Bear” to the kids.

Science: In the last week we have decided to move away from the Elemental Science curriculum we were using (boring) to Nancy Larson Science 2. I am so glad I made the switch. Camden is loving it and learning a lot. Science is one of her favorites subjects now. Our first unit is on Physics. We are learning about matter and how Physicists classify matter. So far we’ve learned about living vs non-living, natural vs man made, solids and how solids are classified by color, luster and texture. She has learned how to determine what a paragraph will be about by reading the bold faced word, has learned how to highlight definitions of important words and is having fun in general.

Logic: Camden does a Mind Bender “puzzle” every day. She loves them. Sometimes we do more than one a day but I’ve tried to cut back to just one because it makes our school day shorter and also because we are moving through the book too fast. LOL

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