Marshmallow Math

To change things up a little bit today we decided to use mini-marshmallows as manipulatives for teaching the plus 8 facts. This, of course, went over very well and Garrett was very eager to join in.

He insisted on doing his own math so I copied Camden’s review sheet for him and he scribbled on it with pencil.

Camden is doing great with her math and is grasping new concepts quickly. We introduced adding plus 8 today with Math-u-see and did an overall review of all of the lessons she’s done within the program thus far. We are also still using Math Mammoth and sometimes Singapore math. For extra drill practice we are using Rod & Staff blacklines.


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2 Responses to Marshmallow Math

  1. Hayley says:

    I love your blog – I just happened upon it while reading on the WTM forum.
    Your kids are gorgeous and your property stunning. We live in Perth, Western Australia (near the city) and would love to be able to live in a country location like you. Hubby is a lawyer so we need to be near the city unfortunately. Anyway good luck with your homeschool journey.

    • journeytocrunchville says:

      Thank you Hayley! I really appreciate your compliment. We feel very, very blessed to live here too. We do not own this house so we realize someday we won’t be able to live here but we’re soaking it up while we can. Prior to this we were living in an apartment for 18 months so it is wonderful to have a big open space for the children to roam.

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