Story of the World on CD

Story of the World has found an almost constant presence in our home and I am so thankful for it. Story of the World is a world history program for children that follows history chronologically. It is done simply and told in such a way that it is captivating for children (and adults). I am sad to report that *I* have learned many things from this program even though it is designed for children in grades 1-4.

There are four volumes to story of the world. The first volume (the one we are currently using) begins with ancient history beginning with nomads and ending with the fall of Rome. We have the book, activity guide and the book on CD. We have fallen in love with the CD’s and listen to them in the car and Camden listens to them almost every night before bed. Listening to CD’s over and over again. It has opened the door to a love of history.

We started by reading the book and following the activities in the activity guide however this was not as engaging to her as simply listening to the stories on CD. She does much better listening to the stories over and over and likes not having to stop to dig deeper yet. So, I’ve put a hold on all of the extra reading material from the library and the activities. We are doing occasional mapwork and coloring pages now and instead focusing on familiarizing ourselves with all of the people, places and stories. We have been able to listen all the way through Story of The World volume 1 and will begin volume 2 soon. I will let her listen as far into the entire 4 volumes as she maintains interest.  My plan is to begin Story of the World volume 1 again next year and go more in-depth again as the program is designed.

I would suggest this program even for kids in public school. Public school tends not to follow world history in the early years anyway and this is such a great and fun way to learn about history. You’ll be surprised how fast you get through it just by listening to it in the car.

I can not say enough good things about this program. I am so thankful we gave it a try and I am especially grateful that we tried the audio CD’s even though we had the book and activity guide. I didn’t really see why the CD’s would make much of a difference but it does.

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2 Responses to Story of the World on CD

  1. hslagle says:

    I am looking for CDs for my 3.5 year old son to listen to during nap time on the days he doesn’t fall asleep. Would this be appropriate for that age?

  2. journeytocrunchville says:

    My son (also 3 1/2) listens to it along with my daughter at night but honestly I don’t think he gets a whole lot out of it. It wouldn’t hurt but I really think 5+ would be more appropriate in terms of digesting what is being said and having enough frame of reference to comprehend what is discussed. Jim Weiss does do a lot of other audio CD’s that have great stories and such that your son would probably have a lot more fun with.

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