Draw Write Now books

We discovered the series of Draw Write Now, Books and love them to pieces. It has really helped Camden’s confidence level in her drawing abilities and to break down what she wants to draw in her mind. Her drawing is still best when she uses the examples from the books but I can see the skills transferring into her free hand drawing as well.

In fact, we loved the first book that we got so much we wound up purchasing the entire boxed set. Prior to using these books Camdens drawing and coloring skills were pretty basic. She didn’t give her pictures a lot of detail and in terms of coloring she was still mostly coloring with one or two colors and coloring outside the lines, etc.

Here are a few of the drawings Camden and I have done with Draw Write Now. She is 5. I did the owl picture and one of the pumpkins.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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One Response to Draw Write Now books

  1. Brenda Bringhurst says:

    She is drawing better than I can! I especially love the momma bear and the baby bear. Too cute!! Impressive.

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