In Regards to Learning to Read…

Here is a fantastic article regarding various methodologies in teaching reading. I have long believed that teaching reading via a Phonics method was superior to teaching reading by sight words. However, I had never heard of Webster (other than his dictionary) or using the syllabary method until recently.

We began by using Phonics Pathways which is a good program and is even one of the programs recommended by Elizabeth the author of The Phonics Page. However, after learning the superior method of teaching through the syllabary, we’ve decided to drop Phonics Pathways and dive right into Webster’s 1824 American Spelling Book. I’ll be posting more on this as we go and as I have time.

There is an abundance of free information and resources available at the following two websites. There are many more websites than this but these are the two I have relied heavily upon over the last few weeks. Both websites are full of so much information it is almost overwhelming at first. It took me many days and hours to really delve through it.

Don Potter’s site:

The Phonic’s Page:

Here is the article I was referring to. I found it on Don Potter’s site. I can not get the formatting to retain when I paste it so I will link to it.

Article Here:

Why Noah Webster’s Way Was the Right Way

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